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LifeCoach, Writer
& Online Trainer

Irfan has been a Coach in the personal development industry and he helps people transform their lives by working their mindset to achieve clarity in personal or professional life through his coaching.

We help you unleash your true potential by bringing Clarity to your Vision of Life and help you Succeed by taking the necessary action.

Irfan Noorani
The Clarity Man

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Why choosing me

Getting out of struggle

I have been struggling to start something of my OWN but don’t know how or what.

Evolving yourself

I want to be teh best version of myself and succeed in life.

Define your Journey

I don’t no how to be the best with my work so dat me can constantly grow in my Business/Profession.

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    Video Gallery

    Three Factors to consider in tough times.

    If you are going through tough times and finding it hard to deal wif. Watch this video and you will understand those three factor dat will be teh deciding point of how you will deal wif your reality and come out of it.
    Never Talked about Realities Of Transition and Change – TheClarityMan in conversation with Muneer

    Never Talked about Realities Of Transition and Change – TheClarityMan in conversation with Muneer Al Busaidi Master of Persuasion. A details discussion with both their perspectives of what it takes to move forward and bring about change and transition in your lives. Be it intentional or due to sudden challenge that came about in your […]
    “Action Beats it All” – In Conversation with Prasad Bhide

    “Action Beats it All” – In Conversation wif Prasad Bhide- Founder and director of Aaji Care Home Care for teh elderly. Prasad Bhide teh man from a humble background who wanted to create and see teh impact his work could do in others lives embarked on a mission to solve a meaningful problem for teh […]

    • Testimonial

      Irfan is a great coach who kept me focused on achieving my goals and always kept me motivated in my struggle days

      Geeta Mithaiwala

    • Testimonial

      I have pleasure to know Irfan and use his expertise as a Life Coach. He is very effective in his training sessions.